Tenacious At Twenty Donation

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This year we celebrate Tenacious at Twenty.

Built by you – our amazing community of supporters – and sailed on by thousands in the JST family, SV Tenacious reaches an important milestone in 2020.

It’s been twenty years since her maiden voyage in 2000 and in that time Tenacious has provided life-changing inclusive voyages to 20,000 people, including disabled people, those with mental health conditions or long-term ill-health issues, and the socially isolated.

Starting in August this year she will undergo a Special Survey. We need to raise £500,000 so that she can continue sailing, beyond the COVID-19 crisis and for many years to come.

We desperately want future generations to experience the magic of a JST voyage and the life-changing benefits our voyages bring.

£30.00 could help fund replacement bowsprit chains, ensuring the bowsprit is well supported and able to accommodate the bravest of our crew!

£65.00 could fund a pot of environmentally friendly Hull paint, which would help ensure Tenacious is protected from ocean pollution for years to come.

£100.00 could pay for an antenna, ensuring crew can communicate in both short and long range.

£300.00 could fund the costs of berthing Tenacious in the Dry Dock for a day.

£500.00 could help us refurbish one of the most iconic elements of the ship; our yards are quite symbolic for many of our supporters – having clung to them as part of their JST experience!